Custom Fonts in Power Apps: Google Font loader

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  1. Hi, I really appreciate the article you have created.
    However I am quite stumped as to how I should go about using this application.

    I’ve tried opening your sample application in Powerapps as well as adding the component. But I just keep getting errors while trying to upload.

    1. Hey Alex,

      Have you enabled Power Apps Components Framework for canvas apps in your environment? Maybe that’s the reason

      Can you tell me more about the error?

      1. Hi.

        I managed to fix it.
        I had fixed the admin issue, however for some reason I couldn’t upload the file as the Powerapps just kept saying try again later.
        So I just used file open and added the solution that way.

        I’ve tested it there after adding the component again and it works pretty well.
        I was thinking of using it to save multiple fonts to use in an app as a sort of Theme set.

        Really useful work, thank you so much.

    1. Thanks for reporting this… this is a bug because with this font, Google changes the embedded URL to “css2?” instead of “css?”.

      I’ll try to fix this on the GitHub repo.

    1. You can check the releases section of the GitHub repository, that’s the file you need to use.

  2. I’ve checked the Release section and there are numerous files. For us beginners can we get a step by step instructions as to how to load this component. Thanks!

  3. Hi there.
    I’ve got the file but don’t know where to upload. Can you give me some details?

  4. Hi I having a lot of trouble uploading the zip file.
    Does Power Apps needs a specific version?
    Do I need to make any change on the code?
    Thanks! Cheers from Mexico!!

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